Our Instructors



 Diamond has been involved with Yoga (and Pilates) since 2001. (She is certified in New York Pilates Mat) and is certified to teach Yoga through the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre and is recognized by Yoga Alliance.
Her exploration of Yoga has led her to the study and practice of Modo (Moksha), Iyengar, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Pranayama and Sivananda Yoga and she incorporates these styles into her classes.

Through the practice of Yoga, Diamond guides her students to get to know themselves and their body. It is her intention to encourage self-acceptance, and to increase body and mind awareness. She realizes and emphasizes the importance of breath, meditation, correct alignment and practicing within your abilities to stay in touch with your own best self. She invites her yogis to explore and experiment with their strong and weak links, their minds and bodies with an attempt to find balance, healing and peace within themselves and their world, through the context of Yoga (and Pilates).



 Janelle has been a yoga enthusiast since 2013. After taking a variety of classes, she travelled to India to complete her 200hr yoga teacher training in 2016. Since then she has developed a daily practice and has continued to take courses to further her knowledge and teachings in yoga.
Focusing on Hatha and Ashtanga styles, Janelle creates a flow to get the blood pumping, ease into those juicy tight spots as well as increase strength and stability. When Janelle’s not on the mat she uses her creative talents for interior design and enjoys paddle boarding, baseball and volleyball. 



 Born and raised in Victoria B.C. Shannan has  been a certified fitness instructor for over 15 years. She began her fitness career teaching cardio kickboxing, bootcamp, and weight circuit classes. She has always enjoyed fitness and has completed numerous 5km, 10km and half marathons. She began to practice Bikram Hot Yoga in 2007. Her husband was in the Royal Canadian Navy at the time and on a six month deployment, so She spent her nights at the Yoga studio as a way to pass the time. Shannan fell in love with Bikram Yoga, and the heat! The dialogue style teaching was perfect for her. She could turn her brain off, and just meditate to her body moving through the 26 postures. In 2009 she went to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Palm Desert California. Over her 9 weeks of intensive training she accomplished 98 classes, and 500 hours of Certification Training. When she is not practicing and teaching she enjoy spending time with hew Husband, and Daughter at the beach.! She looks forward to seeing you in class. 



 Linda’s yoga classes routinely include options, accommodations, and modifications to provide safe, welcoming classes that embrace individual needs in a heartfelt, compassion-centred, non-judgemental way. In addition to being a certified and registered yoga instructor, Linda has a Master in Education and over 30 years of experience as a secondary school English, Drama and Special Education teacher and administrator. She has taught at a number of yoga studios (including over 200 hours at a goat yoga studio) and, through her company, Expedition Inner Wisdom Inc., Linda runs custom yoga and meditation programs and retreats in a number of settings including schools, museums, campgrounds, a lavender farm, and long-term care facilities. She’s also a trained life coach, hospice palliative care volunteer, and ‘Covey: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ facilitator. Her life purpose rests with creating experiences that help people to deepen their appreciation and awareness of the body, mind, and spirit connection, its interconnectedness to nature, and its power to transform lives for the greater good of the individual and beyond.



 Mo has been a certified fitness instructor for over 30 years. She began to incorporate yoga into her classes once she began practicing yoga herself. After many years practicing yoga, she decided to take a 200 hour YTT course to deepen her  own practice and to strengthen her knowledge of yoga and her yoga teaching skills. She has been a certified yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance since 2009. She has over 10,000 hours teaching group fitness and yoga classes and continues to regularly attend yoga teacher training courses.

She began yoga as a way to help her reduce stress. Yoga ended up changing her life. It helps her not only physically to find balance within her body but gives her the tools to find a path to peace and contentment in spirit and mind as well. What a gift! All that she has personally received from this beautiful ancient practice of yoga inspires her to continues to learn as a yoga student and to humbly share as a yoga teacher what she has learn with others.

Her teaching style is a mixed bag of Anusara, Sivananda and a drop of Iyengar with a focus on finding optimal alignment, attention to breath and developing inner peace and joy. In her class there will be a focus on optimal alignment and technique with lots of options and modifications offered so that each individual can discover what works best for them within each pose and are able to reach their full potential. All levels are welcome. She hopes to see you on the mat!



 Kelsey began practicing yoga in 2013 and quickly fell in love. For the first time she was feeling truly connected to her body and the freedom yoga practice gave her. Soon after she began to see this connectedness and freedom transfer off the mat and into her relationships, work and everyday life. In 2016 she decided to embark on a journey to become a yoga teacher  in order to deepen her practice and share this passion with others. She received her 500 hour hatha (Modo) teacher certification after 1 intensive month in Kelowna BC and 12 months of distance education and she has been actively teaching since. In her teaching she focuses on accessibility for all and connecting people to their bodies through their breath. When she is  not on her mat she tries to bring her practice into her role as a Child and Youth Worker. She is a lover of good music, adventures and the great lakes.